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Siliconware is one of the leading service-oriented companies in the semiconductor manufacturing field. 乐淘棋牌s are held increasingly more accountable to the business. They support to deliver on both quality and cost-effectiveness to our company and our valuable customers. Siliconware offers four different categories of service which are Assembly 乐淘棋牌, Test 乐淘棋牌, Bumping 乐淘棋牌 and Quality Management.

Assembly 乐淘棋牌 includes all required IC packaging processes for chipsets. SPIL offers a full range of in-house design and consultation services.

Test 乐淘棋牌 validates the assembly process by utilizing the latest testing solutions for a wide range of digital, and mixed signal devices.

Bumping 乐淘棋牌 provides the most completed wafer bumping 乐淘棋牌 to meet all customers' requirement. Which includes direct bumping, repassivation, redistribution, wafer level CSP, and gold bumping.

Quality Management focuses on company-wide customer satisfaction.

Assembly 乐淘棋牌s Test 乐淘棋牌s
Bumping 乐淘棋牌s   Quality
As part of Flip Chip and Driver IC turnkey solutions (bumping, wafer sort, back-end assembly and test), Siliconware provides robust, reliable, and cost-effective bumping services...  
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