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Substrate Design Guidelines
This page defines the complete substrate design information needed in order to complete an accurate layout and meet your production requirements.

All 乐淘棋牌 require the design of substrate as the base material. These substrate can be laminate, tape or any other type of material that incorporates conductive pattern(s) separated by dielectric layer(s).

Substrate Design Information
To achieve our quick-turn capabilities with absolute accuracy, the following design input information is required:
1. Device Description
It is absolutely essential to provide an accurate device description (such as device name, die data, ball count, etc.)
a. Die Data: A die description must have the following items:
1) The size of the die (with or without saw street)
2) The size(s) of the die pad and its opening
3) The orientation of the logo and other marks on the top of the die
b. Net list
The net list defines the connectivity between substrate and device.
Each net name must be unique. If a net name is repeated, it will be connected together as the same signal. The standard content of the net list includes the device pad number, its corresponding ball location, net name and pad coordinates.
For example :
Die Pad No Ball No NetName X Coordinate Y Coordinate Remark
1 --- VDDM -4229.5 3510.3  
2 C33 MDQ_A31 -4145.5 3472.9  
3 --- GND -4229.5 3436.4  
4 C32 MDQ_A30 -4145.5 3400.2  
5 --- VDD33 -4229.5 3364.4  
6 D34 MCLK_B0 -4145.5 3328.6  
7 --- GND -4229.5 3292.9  
8NC ---


-4145.5 3257.1  
9 ---


-4229.5 3221.3  
... ...


... ...  
... ...


... ...  
... ...


... ...  

AA20 AA21 AA34 AB16 AB17 AB18 AB19 AB30 AC1 AC2 AC33 AC34

VDDM AD5 AE30 AG1 AG34 AH6 AH30 AJ1 AJ2 AJ6 AJ7 AJ10 AJ33 AJ34 AK5 AK13
VDD33 AA13 AA22 AB13 AB14 AB15
2. Design Input Format
We suggest design inputs data in the following three main categories:
a. Die Data: Excel or Word Spreadsheet, Electronic Interchange Format
b. Netlist: Excel or Word Spreadsheet, Electronic Interchange Format
c. Other Feature: Excel or Word Spreadsheet, Electronic Interchange Format
3. Design Output Format
a. Bonding Diagram: AutoCAD (*.dwg); Acrobat (*.pdf)
b. Layout Drawing: AutoCAD (*.dwg); Acrobat (*.pdf)
c. Tooling Drawing: AutoCAD (*.dwg); Acrobat (*.pdf)
Substrate Design Lead Time
As a general rule, Siliconware is able to offer the following lead times. Shorter lead times can also be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. For more information please contact your account representative.
Package Type

Lead Time


4 days


6 days

FCBGA(for normal)

4 days

FCBGA(for buid-up)

6~8 days


3 days


4~7 days


10 days

Substrate Design Tools
Design Tools available:
Microsoft Windows Operation System
Cadence APD (Allgro Package Designer)
Sigrity UPD
Auto-Desk AutoCAD
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