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Lead Frame Design Guidelines
This page defines the complete lead frame design information needed in order to complete accurate layout and meet your production requirements.
Lead Frame Design Information
To achieve our quick-turn capabilities with absolute accuracy, the following design input information is required:
1. Device Description
It is absolutely essential to offer accurate device description (such as device name, die data, etc.)
a. Die Data: A die description must have following items:
1) The size of the die (with or without saw street)
2) The size(s) of the die pad and its opening
3) The orientation of the logo and other marks on the top of the die
b. Net list
The net list defines the connectivity between lead frame and device.
Each net name must be unique. If a net name is repeated, it will be connected together as the same signal. The standard content of the net list includes the device pad number, its corresponding net name, pin number and pad coordinates.
For example :
1 P_11 1 3970.05 49.775
2 VSS NC 4052.525 49.775
3 SY_RES 2 4135.375 49.775
4 CNFG 3 4248.1 173.09
5 VSS GND 4248.1 236.7
6 TX_P 4 4249.625 300.3
7 VAPHY 5 4249.625 363.9

6: GND

4248.1 427.5


4248.1 491.1
*NC means non connect pad
*GND means bond to lead frame die pad
*6: GND means to have GND wire from pin 6 to lead frame die pad
2. Design Input Format
We suggest design inputs data in the following three main categories:
a. Die Data: Excel or Word Spreadsheet, Electronic Interchange Format
b. Netlist: Excel or Word Spreadsheet, Electronic Interchange Format
c. Other Feature: Excel or Word Spreadsheet, Electronic Interchange Format
3. Design Output Format
a. Bonding Diagram: AutoCAD (*.dwg); Acrobat (*.pdf)
b. Tooling Drawing: AutoCAD (*.dwg); Acrobat (*.pdf)
Lead Frame Design Lead Time
As a general rule, Siliconware is able to offer the following lead times. Shorter lead times can also be accommodated on a case-by-case basis. For more information please contact your account representative.
Package Type

Lead Time

Bonding Design

2 days

Whole Lead Frame Design(including bonding diagram and outline drawing)

4 days

Lead Frame Design Tools
Design Tools available:
Microsoft Windows Operation System
Auto-Desk AutoCAD
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