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Electrical Characterization
Electrical characterization for IC packages is to perform analysis on the equivalent parasitic extraction for the interconnection between the chip and the PCB.

For RF/ High speed digital application devices, high performance package is required for system design. The electrical characteristics of the ICs in packages are strongly affected by the package. An accurate package model is essential for circuit designers to design a successful IC. SPIL’s Electrical Characterization Lab offers customers a complete, accurate, high frequency package characterization service based on simulation and measurement techniques. SPIL uses powerful EDA tools, such as Ansoft 3-D (HFSS, Q3D and TPA) electo-magnetic simulators, Ansoft Harmonica, Sigrity PowerSI, 20 GHz Agilent Network Analyzer, Tektronix Time Domain Reflectometer and Cascade Probe Station to provide high frequency accurate package modeling service. Customers can successfully design their devices with proper package design, and shorten the time to market.
We can provide the following data:
o Resistance (R), Inductance (L) and Capacitance (C) for critical nets/longest and shortest traces
o Power/Ground nets analysis
o IBIS model (I/O Buffer Information Specification)
o SPICE model
o S-parameters analysis
o Impedance (Z) analysis
o Timing / Delay analysis
o SSN noise analysis (Simultaneous Switching Noise)
o Signal Integrity analysis
o Power Integrity analysis
Modeling and Simulation Tools:
o ANSYS Q3D and Q2D
o ANSYS Ansoftlink
o Ansoft ParIC
o ANSYS Apache NPE
o Cadence Sigrity PowerSI
o Cadence Sigrity SystemSI-PBA
o Cadence Sigrity Broadband SPICE
o Cadence Sigrity XtractIM
o Synopsys HSPICE
Measurement Tools:
o Agilent 8720ES Network Analyzer (50MHz~20GHz)
o Tektronix 11801B Time Domain Reflectometer
o Tektronix Interconnect Parameter Analyzer IPA510
o Cascade Probe Station
o Cascade Coplanar Prob
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