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Material Characterization
Materials are the fundamental constructive elements in a IC package. Proper material selection directly enhance the characterization of IC package, e.g. reliability, thermal properties, etc. Following the fast development in IC industries, e.g. environment issue, Cu and low K, etc., material will play a more important role in IC packaging and faces more severe challenges in the future.
Using advanced analysis instruments and material experts, SPIL's Material Characterization Lab can select and evaluate proper materials required for new package/device development, UPH improvement, reliability level up, etc.
Analysis instrument
Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (DMA)
DMA uses dynamic mechanical test, e.g., tension, bending, etc. to evaluate material properties, especially viscoelastic behavior. For IC package application, DMA can measure:
.Modulus of die attach, molding compound, etc.
.Glass transition temperature (Tg)
.Damping characteristics (tand) of material
Thermal Mechanical Analyzer (TMA)
TMA uses probe to measure the dimension change of material. For IC package application, TMA can measure:
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of material
  • Glass transition temperature (Tg), softening temperature (Ts), melting temperature (Tm)
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)
DSC can be used to quantitatively analyze the reaction or phase change with heat change (endothermic or exothermic). For IC package application, DSC can be used to realize:
  • Curing reaction and kinetics of die attach, molding compound, etc.
  • Melting temperature and paste range of solder
Thermal Gravimetric Analyzer (TGA)
TGA can be used to detect the reaction with weight change. For IC package application, TGA can be used to study:
  • Weight loss of material, e.g., die attach, flux, etc.
  • Decomposition of polymer material
Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR)
FTIR uses jump behavior of molecule in various vibrational levels with infrared incidence to analyze the material properties. For IC package application, FTIR can be used to analyze:
  • Surface residue
  • Function groups of die attach, molding compound, etc.
Rheometer can measure the rheology behavior of thermoplatic and thermoset polymer. For IC package application, Rheometer can be used to measure:
  • Viscosity of die attach, underfill, etc. at different shear rate or temperature
  • Gel point of molding compound, underfill, etc.
Viscometer can be used to measure the viscosity and thixotropic index of die attach, underfill, etc.
Shore D Hardness Tester
Shore D hardness tester can measure the hot hardness of molding compound to realize the curing percent.
Shear Tester
Shear tester can measure the adhesion strength of die attach, molding compound, underfill on the various substrate.
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