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Thermal Characterization
With the continuous demands in miniaturization for electronic component, the trend toward die and package shrinkages intensively elevate the power density within components. The effect of power density increase reflects on chip temperature rise that relatively downgrade the component reliability. Siliconware offers a state-of-the-art thermal characterization service to provide total thermal solutions for IC components and ensure the packaging selection is optimal and cost-effective. Mature Modeling and experiment techniques are employed for the analyses including:
Component Level –ANSYS
- Junction-to-ambient Thermal Resistance, θja
- Junction-to-case Thermal Resistance, θjc
- Junction-to-board Thermal Resistance, θjb
System Level – CFD, Flotherm/Flopack
- Heat Sink Evaluation
- Module level design optimization
- Flow Field Optimization
- Two/Multi Resistor Model
Measurement Tools
- Closed-loop Wind Tunnel
- Fully automated DAS
- θjc /θjb Test Fixtures
- TSP Thermal die
- IR Camera
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