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Thermal Characterization
Reliability level is the most important indication to assess component usage life under enduring operation and is highly corresponding to stress level inside packages. The stress inside a package is induced by expansion/contraction mismatch of its incorporated material through specific thermal loadings and is related to structure design and BOM combination. Siliconware offers a state-of-the-art stress characterization service to analyze the component and board stress problems such as die crack, warpage, and solder joint via optimizing the package structure and BOM selection. The aim to perform stress characterization is to boost the assembly yield and reduce the package development cycle time. The analyses employing modeling and experiment techniques include:
Component Level Simulation –ANSYS, I-DEAS
- Component Stress : warpage, die crack, structure design
- BOM Combination
- Package Reliability
Board Level Simulation –ANSYS, I-DEAS
- Solder Joint Reliability
- PCB Design Effect
Dynamic Simulation –LS-DYNA
- Dynamic Contact Behavior: wire bonding process, drop test analysis
Measurement Tool
- Moiré Interferometer
- TherMoiré
- Micro-force Tester(Multi test platforms):die strength, board level bending test
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