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PoP (Package On Package) Technology
What is POP
Package on package (PoP) is an integrated circuit packaging method to combine vertically discrete logic and memory ball grid array (BGA) packages.
Target Application
PoP allows higher component density in electronic 乐淘棋牌, such as smart phones, media tablets, digital cameras, game consoles, etc.
• Components are tested separately
• Procurement flexibility : memory components
• Faster time to Market.
The most obvious benefit is motherboard space savings.
Electrically, PoP offers benefits by minimizing track length between different interoperating parts, such as a controller and a memory. This yields better electrical performance of devices, since shorter routing of interconnections between circuits yields faster signal propagation and reduced noise and cross-talk.
POP(Package On Package) PKG Type Comparison
POP(Package On Package) Development Direction
KEY Enabling Technology: Laser Ablation Introduction
Mold Laser Drilling Characterization
• Reserved sidewall for bridge prevention during stacking.
• Damage free on solder ball by process control. ( Laser source)
• Contamination free on solder surface after Laser drilling by Post-Clean
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